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Dec 10, 2013 12:00pm PST
-old returned to work today will be marching in santa rosa this afternoon. deputy erick gelhaus has been on paid leave since he shot and killed andy lopez. investigators say he mistook a replica lopez was holding for the real thing. he will be working a desk job at the sheriff's office in santa rosa. but the office will be closed during the demonstration. >> everyone is just outraged because he -- he gets to go on like it's nothing. that's not -- family doesn't get to do that. family and friends, we're -- we're still fighting for this. why is he allowed back to live his normal life? >> later today, county supervisors are expected to begin making appointments to a new community and law enforcement task force and discuss the creation of a memorial park where the shooting took place. the protest march begins at city hall at 4:00 p.m. >>> a cleanup is now underway in san francisco following a stubborn fire at a recycling warehouse. neighbors noticed smoke around 8:30 last night at the recology recycling facility. it took more than nine hours to put the fire out. they had to sift through
Dec 9, 2013 12:00pm PST
in san francisco, i saw a lot of low 30s and below freezing areas over san francisco, santa rosa checked in 30 degrees and the national weather service has checked in for all areas freezing except for san francisco. another morning of chilly chilly temperatures and we are starting to rebound, 40s in and around novato, santa rosa, 44 in walnut creek and i want to head to the north because this is where we saw our coldest. petaluma you are now 42 and i want to look at hillsberg as well. hillsberg is 47 degrees and hillsberg dropped to 18 degrees this morning. i do see some light at the end of the tunnel. they are a few degrees lighter than 24 hours ago. i will have more on those numbers coming up, torii? >> thank you rose rose. >> they are trying to find if a man played part of -- if the weather played part in this man's death. he was found wearing only a t- shirt shorts and shoes. >>> the weather caused traffic troubles as they were reports of black ice, they warned drivers of the conditions. chp said initial reports located motorcyclists. and black ice is the thin coating of glaz
Dec 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
morning. 53 in oakland. 53 in san francisco. low 50s for santa rosa. widespread 50s, low 50s petaluma. 54 sebastopol, up along the peninsula, upper 40s to mid- 50s. 49 at hillsborough. 55 menlo park. mid-50. saratoga, 53 for you. 50 in orinda. low 50s walnut creek. 50 in pittsburg and low 50s for san ramon and brentwood. the system is moving through the area. the front is pulling through bringing snore to the sierra where there is a -- snow to the sierra where there is a winter weather advisory. for you, the cold weather -- for us, the cold weather will linger. temperatures will be cool, a freeze warning for the north bay and parts of the delta and then tomorrow night into thursday this freeze warning is going to be more widespread. that tells you that more cold weather is going to come and it's going to linger. i will have a look at your afternoon high for today and just how low the temperatures will go -- coming up. >>> two dozen treasure island residents are meeting tonight to discuss their temporary relocation during a major cleanup effort on the island. the residents are likely b
Dec 5, 2013 12:00pm PST
updated showing you some 40s for santa rosa, walnut creek and livermore. san jose, 47 and san francisco downtown 50. look at napa right now, still holding onto 46 degrees of -- 46 degrees after a cold start. the low in napa for a brief time dropped down to 16 degrees and napa for most of the overnight hours you can see dropping off quite a bit below the freezing point. under freezing for over 12 hours in napa. i suspect we'll have a repeat performance first thing in the morning with those temperatures dropping back down to near 20 degrees. freeze warning, once again for tonight into friday morning. we're talking about more 20s and 30s. coolest locations close to 20, maybe down to 18, 19 degrees. the freeze warning kicks in for tonight lasting into friday morning. here is a look at the projected lows first thing in the morning. in santa rosa, 23 degrees. san francisco, 40. san jose, 31. once again we're talking about some 20s. here are the forecasted lows. we'll be off to an icy start first thing friday morning. also tracking this bigger changes developing as you can see rain c
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4